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Genius Grammar School
Welcomes You All  
Genius Grammar school was established in the year 1986. Since than we are striving our best in moulding the young minds to accqire the ability of learning. We follow the integrated syllabus of
ICSE, CBSE & SSC through Digital systems from classes Nursery to X.

The motto of education is to inculcate the moral values, the stability of human ethics to follow,  the capacity to respect the life and its paths. We can undoubtedly say that we have been doing the same and achieving the primary purpose of education for the past 26 years.       

English language:  is to be considered as the most prioritized subject, for the growth of an individual in the preset day. All the other subjects are considered as food makers but English is a life maker.

Realising this we have introduced English Grammar as one of the major subjects with a seperate faculty, who ensures that each and every student is keeping utmost interest towards the language and enjoy the language.

Reasoning & Aptitude: In recent years Reasoning & Aptitude part have gained importance exponentially Every competitive exam in what ever field it is, reasoning is one arena where it takes good percentage in analyzing the ability to receive and retrieve the content.

It is an invaluble skill for any one who wants to thrive in the social arena. Reasoning is essential for Problem solving & Decision making and helping people to differenciate between good and bad.

Giving priority to all these we have organised reasoning as one of the regular subjects for all the classes, with a seperate faculty and prescribed test book.

We can proudly announce that our Genius students can definetly take better logical and analytical decisions when compared to many.

IIT: Keeping in pace with the outside world we are also extending our duties towards nurturing the young minds with IIT Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry classes.

Equal importance is given to these classes and examinations are also conducted.

Audi-Visual aids: All of us are very much aware of the fact that Presentations illustrated with appropriate images are more interesting and engaging, there by produces long term retention of the subject.

Genius Grammar School is the first institution to start Digi classes 13 years ago. We proudly announce that we are the trend setters in this aspect. In collaboration with "Teach next". We have Digi classes where all the textual concepts are programmed to audio-video mode. This develops interest in children and the concept is retained for a longer period.

Abacus: A whole brain development programme for your child.

    This programme is designed to make the student learn Arithmatics by the chinese method 'ABACUS', through a visualisation technique. Using this the child learns to calculate numbers even faster than a calculator or computer. It becomes easier for the child to learn all the arithmatical concepts . Realising this we have introduced - Abacus training programme in association with 'My School Multiplex Academy'. We have five levels of this training programme. Each level is complimented with level completion certificate and medals. So far many children won Gold & Silver medals in the first level.

Animation: Every one of us are very much aware of the role of animation technologies in contriving the renowned cartoon characters like. Micky& Donald  Tom & Jerry and our own Indian Mogli. We all enjoyed them in our child hood & still like to watch them & get relaxed. These immortal characters are the collaborative result of Drawing & Animation technology.

To develop this artistic attitude and perfection in our children this programme has been implemented in our school so that we can bring out the talent in the children. This Animation programme has been started in collaboration with our Aniguru associates.
Children look forward very eagerly for these classes as they learn something different from their regular syllabus.


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